The following are some of our High Profile clients:

Client 1



North Manufacturing, a subsidiary of North Sails is a Luxury Boat and Yacht accessories manufaturor
located in the EPZ at Biyagama Keleniya.
They use MultiCam CNC Cutting Machine and AlphaCam Advanced 3D-3Axis Router CAM Software.
We are very happy about the speed of commissioning and Training of staff at North Manufacturing to help improve
their Product Quality and Effciency through, automation.

At the same locations Southern Spars the North Sails sister company we have 40' long  MultiCam 5000 series Router with a Rotary 4th Axis doing large dimension Carbon Fibre poles, rigging accessories in Aluminum and other harder synthetic materials.

Client 2


truck1 copy1

Dutch Lanka Trailers caters to the growing demand
for trailers and related products in Sri Lanka and South Asia.
Backed by one of the largest privately owned design companies in the Netherlands,
Dutch Lanka Trailers works hand-in-hand with Dutch technical experts based in Sri Lanka
to ensure that all trailers are built to international standards and specifications using the
latest fabrication technology.
CNC Lanka (PVT) Ltd is proud to be their Technology partner in delivering
the latest CNC Plasma Cutting Technology to Satisfy their heavy fabrication requirements.

Client 3

HANSTEEL FABRICO, Ja-Ela, Ekala Industrial Estate

HANSTEEL Fabrico the pioneering HIGH End Steel Furniture and Metal Fabricator
in Sri Lanka selected MultiCam 2000 Series LASER CNC  Metal Cutting platform
for highest quality metal fabrication work.

L2000 Series LASER Platform is Equipped with 400W SEALED Chamber SYNRAD LASER Gun, which is one of the most popular product in the Market.

The Platform has FLYING Optics architecture and the SOLID Aluminum Alloy HEAD mounting platform has the most stable  design to cater for very sensitive cutting
requirements at Higher Speeds.

Mr. Premalal the GM is very proud of his choice of Technology and the Partnering
with CNC Lanka (PVT) Ltd.

With the addition of new metal cutting platform they have the best Stainless Steel and other Metal fabrication plant in Sri Lanka.

The most challenging assignments are handled b
y them for other companies in
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Panel work etc.

With the L2000 Laser platform and AlphaCam Advanced Profiling CAM Software
Package , HANSTEEL has moved up to the most modern Metal Fabrication Set-up in Sri Lanka with Efficiency, Accuracy and Cut Quality in Metal Fabrication.

Client 4

Dilmah Tea a world reknown Branded Tea Exporter is a proud owner of MultiCam 7000 Series CNC Router in their Subsidiary Company Timber Concepts.

"Its addition to Timber Concepts has tremendously improved the Product Quality and Volume increase has exceeded our expectations"
says Timber Concepts managing Director  Mr. Sirimevan De Silva.

We are proud to be a partner of Dilmah Tea the global player in its product delivery efforts to the whole world.

Client  5



Here is a World Class Product made by Multicam Technology in Sri lanka.
When Parkville Partnered with CNC Lanka in 2014 it was a dream of two individuals the Twin brothers Hugo and Lucas.

Today they have realized their dream with MultiCam Technology at the Center of the Product Manufacturing Process.
All frames are carved out of Solid wood with Multicam CNC Router 3000

Take your product to the World with World Class finish!!! with MultiCam Technology.

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