CNC Lanka (PVT) LTD is an Advanced Technology Products and Services provider in the lower Indian subcontinent.
We are currently catering the customers in
Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and some parts of South India.

Business Philosophy

Be honest in suggesting and formulating solutions to customer issues and execute them
with high level of professionalism and commitment.


Our staff is qualified, young and energetic and always willing to help the customer.


CNC Lanka (PVT) LTD was formed to full-fill an industry requirement which has been  there
over a  period of  time, but starting to feel  a must as the
Industrial  base of the Sri Lankan economy has started to compete in the world market.

The products manufactured at various Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) funded companies
becomming more common in  the local private sector.

The need of Precision Engineering by CNC and other Technology based Automation is a
Key factor in this stage of local Production facility upgrades and also in new Ventures as well.

CNC Lanka (PVT) LTD has been instrumental in acomplisshing this responsibility,
since the inception in  May. 2003, initially with the BOI affiliated sector and now in
the local Businesses as well.


We are aspiring to be the most sought after company for Real-Time Embedded Systems based,
Advanced Technology solutions provider in
Sri Lanka.
As we move along, our mission is to create a local base of Technology development and research
centre to focus on Indigenous Real-Time Controller
Technology and become a Solutions Provider for
Sri Lanka and the region.

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