Ajith Boralugoda
( BSc. Hons )

Ajith Boralugoda has a wealth of Industry Experience in,
Real-time Embedded Controller Technology
and Real-time Systems development in
United States and Canada.

He has been with the Telecommunications Industry as a Systems Engineer,
over 12yrs: which includes  careers at
Northern Telecom ( NORTEL ) and SIEMENS AG.
Ajith is a
US patent holder for Network Management Systems development in
"Network Fault Detection and Correction Automation".
Ajith was at Siara Systems Inc. a Startup Company in
Vancouver BC when it was acquired
by Redback Networks in 1999 for 4.2 B $US .

He brings in  a wealth of Hardware and Software experience which immensely helps the execution of
Advanced Technology Product and Services offer to its clients at CNC LANKA (PVT) LTD


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