CNC Lanka (PVT) LTD is focused to cater for Advanced Computer Aided Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka and the neighboring Countries.
Our services offer comprises of the following:

Process Analysis and recommendations for Automation:

We provide our Clients. a cost free guidance for migrating from existing Process to an automated setup with confidence.
Our experience in Controller Technology, Production Processes and Machinery and peripheral devices helps us to narrow down
cost effective, seamless migration path for the clients.

Machinery, Installation, Services and Training:

CNC Lanka (PVT) LTD offers world re-known brands of Machinery and provide our clients with excellent after sales service,
maintenance and Training backed by a world wide Knowledgebase of Industry experts.

CAM Software and Training:

We provide market leading CAM Software packages and Training for our Clients. Our Support Network can provide you the on site and remote training
by our staff as well as foreign Instructor training and assistance if the need arises through web based Live VIDEO and Data services.
So your staff can get trained even without leaving their desk.


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